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The all American fall 2020 treat! With fall comming, what a great favor for your guests, they'll have s'more of your event even after its over The all American fall treat! With fall comming, what a great favor for your guests, they'll have s'more of your event even after its over.


Tons of space, tables and chairs easy to set up and put away, very clean, a few extra items and rustic decorations for tables that can be borrowed, beautiful drink stand/bar and rustic serving table on wheels available. Decorated walls are gorgeous and built in stage for a band or DJ. A wonderful venue for any event or party.



April 2015 New Article

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The McLeansboro NOW Magazine ran a two page article about The Big Red Barn in the April 2015 edition, pages 14-15. (View Magazine)


Posted: Wednesday, August 13


McLEANSBORO — A local band has released its debut CD and has invited its friends and neighbors to hear the songs live next weekend.

Bringing Home, consisting of Amber and Jared Russell along with Randi Pippin and Conan Gibbs, will play a set at Mike Harre’s “Big Red Barn” located in rural Hamilton County. The Christian band was formed in late 2012 and recently released its self-titled debut album, “Bringing Home.”

The hard work that covered many months allowed a chance for the band and members’ families to relax — though not for long.

“The first time we were able to breath is when we finished the design and ordered the CDs,” said Jared Russell. “But my wife Amber says there is never time to breath, because just as soon as we’re done with all this, we’re back to writing more for the next one.

“Our feelings about releasing this are mutual. We feel accomplished and excited to share what we’ve been working on over a year.”

Fans or even those with passing interest may check out the band on its Web site, Those interested in participating or attending the listening/release party may call Jared Russell at 269-0961.

According to the biography on the band’s Web site, “for years, Amber and Jared Russell wanted to start something bigger than themselves. They wanted to bring a hope to a world that had none.

“... [The band] is comprised of four people. Amber and Jared Russell are the lead singers and instrumentation. They have two young children, Alina and Brinley. Jared’s sister, Randi Pippin is the keyboardist and backup vocals. She and her husband, Chad, have three children, Ivy, Ashton, and Ahrianna. Conan Gibbs is the drummer. He and his wife, Danielle, have three children also, Ethan, Anna, and Abigail. Danielle is also Bringing Home’s manager.”

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